WP Small Biz Episode #8: Why Your Website Should by Accessible

We’re talking about WordPress website accessibility and making sure your website is ADA-compliant. It is super important today to ensure your WordPress website is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, especially for businesses that operate public spaces, like museums, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues. We are starting to see lawsuits pop up like a recent case against Dominos Pizza by a customer who couldn’t order despite having screen reader and accessibility software both on their website and on Dominos mobile app. Dominos lost the case, which was settled by the Supreme Court. 

WP Small Biz Episode #7: Planning and Preparing Your WordPress For Small Business Website

We’re talking about preparation for your WordPress website for small businesses. Often times, clients come to me with no formal business requirements. They say, “I want something like this website.” Inherently, they don’t have anything planned. Let’s talk about planning your WordPress project, so you don’t invest time or money in a process that you have yet to prepare for.

WP Small Biz – Episode #6: Small Business Roadmap to Building or Improving Your WordPress Website

In this episode, Digital Strategy Works founder and WordPress trainer, coach, and consultant, Tony Zeoli, addresses the general, most basic of challenges small businesses have with web development. With three decades of experience building websites for corporations, startups, nonprofits, and EDU, Tony has worked through many of these challenges today’s small business owners face when thinking about building and maintaining any website for their business, not just a WordPress website.
There are so many things to know today in order to be successful online, a small business owner must be aware while DIY (do-it-yourself) is certainly a cost-saving to a small business, an owner or manager can hurt themselves by launching poorly conceived websites that aren’t attractive or usable, get little to no meaningful or qualified traffic, and generates little or no revenue.
Tony goes over why it’s important to consult with experts so that your small business gets a great head start online.

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WP Small Biz – Episode #5: Combine WordPress and eCommerce with WooCommerce

In this episode, Digital Strategy Works founder and #WordPress Coach, Trainer, and Consultant, Tony Zeoli discusses why you may consider combining WordPress and WooCommerce in one site, instead of WordPress and a third-party system splitting your traffic into two sites you have to manage and maintain. Running two separate systems splits your traffic and makes it infinitely more difficult to build organic traffic because many backlinks to products will point to the 3rd party site and not your primary domain. When Google redirects traffic to a 3rd party eCommerce system in search results, the traffic never hits your site, which means Google can’t combine traffic to pages and profiles to build one, unique traffic pattern.

WP Small Biz – Episode #4: WordPress SEO vs Paid Advertising

In this episode, Digital Strategy Works founder and #WordPress consultant, trainer, and coach, Tony Zeoli discusses the benefits of an SEO campaign versus digital marketing spending on paid advertising, like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and other advertising platforms.

WP Small Biz – Episode #3: Why Use WordPress for Your Small Business Website

In this episode, Digital Strategy Works founder and WordPress trainer, consultant, and coach, Tony Zeoli, discusses why you should consider launching your small business website with WordPress.

WP Small Biz – Episode 2A: Why You Should Start A Blog for Your Small Business Cont’d

In this episode, Digital Strategy Works founder and WordPress trainer, coach, and consultant, Tony Zeoli, talks about why it’s important to blog your small business. This is the 2nd part of a two-part episode. Watch part one here.

WP Small Biz – Episode #2: Why You Should Start a Small Business Blog

In this episode, Digital Strategy Works founder and WordPress trainer, coach, and consultant, Tony Zeoli, talks about why it’s important to blog your small business. Your clients and customers are looking for your business to provide thought leadership or information about your products and services. Publishing a blog, whether daily, weekly, or monthly to share your expertise and knowledge, announce new products and services, or just talk about how your company and its employees are transforming the landscape in your industry is information your clients and customers want to know. Publishing answers to frequently asked questions or generating tutorials on a process, program, software, or hardware will help your current or potential clients or customers use your products or services by finding you online through the information sharing that is important for today’s small business to be competitive.

WP Small Biz – Episode #1: WordPress Hosting

I’m super excited to present the first video from my new video blog, WP Small Biz. My goal is to educate and inform small business owners on all things related to WordPress and how to apply what you learn here to your small business website. From hosting and security to eCommerce and payments or content marketing and SEO to digital marketing and analytics, I’ll do my best to give you – the small business owner – as much information as possible to help you leverage the power of WordPress to increase your audience, grow sales or brand and market your small business.

These videos are created live most Tuesday’s at 11 am EST on our WP Small Biz Facebook Page and are subsequently posted to this blog’s YouTube video channel. They cover all things WordPress for Small Business owners and managers to learn how to design, build, manage and maintain WordPress websites.

In this episode, Tony Zeoli discusses WordPress managed hosting solutions and the importance of high-quality hosting for WordPress websites. The days of cheap hosting for WordPress sites are long over. Both WordPress and its associated themes and plugins are updated frequently and a new crop of page builders and other interactive tools need more processing power, which means your WordPress site needs more resources, needs to be secure, and you need 24-hour support from WordPress experts – not just a few support reps in India who aren’t familiar with WordPress and aren’t in sync with the demands of your small business.

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We are very excited to launch WPSMALL.BIZ, a WordPress-powered blog covering all things WordPress for Small Business for owners, managers, and others building their small businesses to learn about, manage and maintain WordPress websites.

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