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WP Small Biz – Episode #1: WordPress Hosting

I’m super excited to present the first video from my new video blog, WP Small Biz. My goal is to educate and inform small business owners on all things related to WordPress and how to apply what you learn here to your small business website. From hosting and security to eCommerce and payments or content marketing and SEO to digital marketing and analytics, I’ll do my best to give you – the small business owner – as much information as possible to help you leverage the power of WordPress to increase your audience, grow sales or brand and market your small business.

These videos are created live most Tuesday’s at 11 am EST on our WP Small Biz Facebook Page and are subsequently posted to this blog’s YouTube video channel. They cover all things WordPress for Small Business owners and managers to learn how to design, build, manage and maintain WordPress websites.

In this episode, Tony Zeoli discusses WordPress managed hosting solutions and the importance of high-quality hosting for WordPress websites. The days of cheap hosting for WordPress sites are long over. Both WordPress and its associated themes and plugins are updated frequently and a new crop of page builders and other interactive tools need more processing power, which means your WordPress site needs more resources, needs to be secure, and you need 24-hour support from WordPress experts – not just a few support reps in India who aren’t familiar with WordPress and aren’t in sync with the demands of your small business.