Month: October 2019

WP Small Biz Episode #8: Why Your Website Should by Accessible

We’re talking about WordPress website accessibility and making sure your website is ADA-compliant. It is super important today to ensure your WordPress website is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, especially for businesses that operate public spaces, like museums, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues. We are starting to see lawsuits pop up like a recent case against Dominos Pizza by a customer who couldn’t order despite having screen reader and accessibility software both on their website and on Dominos mobile app. Dominos lost the case, which was settled by the Supreme Court. 

WP Small Biz Episode #7: Planning and Preparing Your WordPress For Small Business Website

We’re talking about preparation for your WordPress website for small businesses. Often times, clients come to me with no formal business requirements. They say, “I want something like this website.” Inherently, they don’t have anything planned. Let’s talk about planning your WordPress project, so you don’t invest time or money in a process that you have yet to prepare for.