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WP Small Biz – Episode #6: Small Business Roadmap to Building or Improving Your WordPress Website

In this episode, Digital Strategy Works founder and WordPress trainer, coach, and consultant, Tony Zeoli, addresses the general, most basic of challenges small businesses have with web development. With three decades of experience building websites for corporations, startups, nonprofits, and EDU, Tony has worked through many of these challenges today’s small business owners face when thinking about building and maintaining any website for their business, not just a WordPress website.
There are so many things to know today in order to be successful online, a small business owner must be aware while DIY (do-it-yourself) is certainly a cost-saving to a small business, an owner or manager can hurt themselves by launching poorly conceived websites that aren’t attractive or usable, get little to no meaningful or qualified traffic, and generates little or no revenue.
Tony goes over why it’s important to consult with experts so that your small business gets a great head start online.

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